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Are you looking for more responsibility’s as a cleaner? 

Do you think it is important that everyone can work in a clean and safe environment? 

Do you think it is important to contribute to people's health? Then we are looking for you as are new medical cleaner for are company in Hoofddorp! Because without you as a cleaner we can’t treat peoples illness in our laboratory.  


When you start as a cleaner with us, you will start with one week of training. We will teach you about the company and explain the procedures. So you are good prepared to start your work.

After that you will start cleaning the office part of the company. That involves:  

  • Cleaning furniture, doors and glass.  

  • Cleaning sanitation 

  • Cleaning and vacuuming floors and staircases.  

  • Keep up the logbook and register everything that you have done.  

The morning shift is from 06:00 till 14:00. The night shift is from 15:30 till 23:00.   English is very important. Your colleagues of the cleaning crew are mostly English speakers. The company is American so a lot of other colleagues can’t speak Dutch as well.  If you show that you’re a good cleaner and you want to learn more. We can offer you training to learn to clean cleanrooms. This is part of the laboratory and is very specialist work. This training is at least 2 weeks. This is an even more important job then the office part.

Jouw profiel:
  • You take pride in your work and you can work independently. 

  • You follow procedures correctly and don’t mis anything.  

  • Your fluent in English and as a preference you have experience in cleaning.  

  • You live in the proximity of Hoofddorp.

Wij bieden jou:
  • Salary of at least € 12,41 per hour depending your experience.  

  • 25 vacation days a year and 8,3% vacation money.  

  • The possibility to participate in further training to be able to clean a cleanroom. 


Meer informatieYou are going to work as a cleaner for a medical company in Hoofddorp. The company treats the blood of cancer patients in our laboratory. After witch the blood goes back to the patient and a high percentage of the patients are going in remission after that! Every cleaner is very important to us. Because without you we can’t treat the patients and we can’t save lives. Therefor we are looking for a cleaner how is serious about their job. Al the procedures are in English. So it’s a requirement that you are able to speak and read in English.Solliciteren

Do you have any questions about this job as a cleaner, please contact Ephraim Adriaansz via 06-57301743.  If you’re excited to work with us as a cleaner, then apply now by clicking the apply button.